FeedFetcher v0.95b

FeedFetcher is a jQuery plugin that aggregates and embeds feed(s) from Facebook users, applications, and fan pages as well as tweets from given users and/or mentioning given users.

It has convenience features including a post-fetch callback, ability to use multiple display formats, stripping out Twitter @ replies, and filtering Facebook wall posts by type and/or author.

It's based loosely on Tweet! plugin from tweet.seaofclouds.com

Live Demo


Demo Source

	function on_feed_loaded(feed_posts)
		$('#callback_notice').html('Feed loaded; latest post was from ' + feed_posts[0].display_name + ' via ' + feed_posts[0].platform);

	$(document).ready(function() {

			twitter_posts_from_usernames: ['coreyspitzer'],
			twitter_posts_mentioning_usernames: ['coreyspitzer'],
			max_post_count: 5,
			callback: on_feed_loaded

Requirements, Dependencies, and Considerations

FeedFetcher has been verified to work on jQuery 1.4.2, but it probably works on older versions.

In order to fetch Facebook feeds, you will need to supply a Facebook access token (via the facebook_access_token option below) which must be acquired by authenticating a user or a Facebook app. See http://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication for details.

Facebook feeds will only include content accessible to the requesting party (either the user or the app that belongs to the supplied access token); if privacy settings for the feed are set too strict, FeedFetcher may not display any content from it.

RSS feeds are fetched using the Google Feed API which requires either the Google Loader API be already initialized before FeedFetcher is called or that you supply a Google Loader API key to FeedFetcher (via the initialize_google_with_api_key option below). See http://code.google.com/apis/feed for details.


FeedFetcher v0.95b
FeedFetcher v0.9b


Options (all are optional)

Name Description Default Value
twitter_posts_from_usernames Fetch tweets coming from usernames in this list. [ ] (doesn't fetch any tweets)
twitter_posts_mentioning_usernames Fetch tweets mentioning usernames in this list. [ ] (doesn't fetch any tweets)
twitter_include_replies Set to true to include Twitter @ replies; set to false to strip out tweets starting with "@". false
facebook_access_token Access token which is required to fetch Facebook feeds. This must be acquired by authenticating a user or a Facebook app. See http://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication for details. ''
facebook_feed_from_ids Application/user/fan page IDs whose feeds we want to fetch from; a Facebook ID can be a name like 'markzuckerberg' or a UID like '68310606562', but it should always be a string. [ ] (doesn't fetch any feeds)
facebook_post_source_ids Filter out all posts in the feed(s) except those from these application/user/fan page IDs; this basically acts as a white list. [ ] (doesn't filter any posts)
facebook_post_types Filter out all posts in the feed(s) except those of these types. Different types can be found at http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/ ['status', 'photo', 'link']
intialize_google_with_api_key The API key for the Google Loader API; required for RSS feeds if the Google Loader API has not already been initialized before FeedFetcher is called. See http://code.google.com/apis/feed for more info. undefined
rss_urls The URLs of the RSS feeds you'd like to fetch. [ ] (doesn't fetch any feeds)
rss_avatar_url The URL of the avatar to use for posts coming from RSS feeds. Currently all RSS feeds share a single avatar. undefined
display_format At the moment, there is only one built-in display format, but you can create your own custom template just by creating a new function in the .js file called display_format_[NAME]() which returns the HTML string to display. See the display_format_default() function in the .js file for an example. 'default'
max_post_count This is the maximum number of posts to fetch (across all platforms/requests); it is not guaranteed that there will be exactly these number of posts retrieved. 1
callback A function to be called after everything has been fetched and displayed function(feed_posts) { }
debug_mode Mostly sets whether or not to fail silently in the face of errors or make noise false


v0.95b / 06-04-2011 :

v0.9b / 04-07-2011 : Initial release. Haven't really tested any special consideration given to Facebook posts of different types e.g. "photo" or "link", but there is very basic support for such things.